Low-Carbon Pioneer: Liebherr Shapes the Electric Future


In response to the GRI Net Zero Initiative, the impending EU CBAM system, and the Taiwanese government's call for sustainable reporting, the wave of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) consciousness is sweeping across industries. Prosprise International Corp has invested millions in acquiring the German-made Liebherr all-electric material handler, with the inaugural buyer being Fenghsin Steel, a publicly traded company in Taiwan. On September 22nd, at Prosprise International Corp's Taoyuan plant, the first-ever handover ceremony for this groundbreaking machinery took place. Once fully integrated into the production line, it is estimated to reduce carbon emissions by 96 tons annually, equivalent to planting 8,000 trees in Taiwan. This not only aligns with the goal of zero emissions but also signifies Fengxing Steel's commitment to social responsibility and sustainable operations.

Fenghsin Steel, a globally renowned steel manufacturer, continues to expand its production capacity to meet global market demands. Recognizing the environmental impact of energy-intensive steel production and greenhouse gas emissions, Director Zhao of Fenghsin Steel's Labor and Safety Department expressed their commitment to addressing energy and environmental challenges. Fenghsin Steel's pioneering choice to import the Liebherr all-electric material handler, the first of its kind in Taiwan through Prosprise International Corp, is a revolutionary step that holds the potential for carbon reduction benefits. It not only contributes to ESG objectives by adopting all-electric and environmentally friendly methods but also automates processes to reduce workplace accidents. In the future, this initiative will make significant contributions to environmental, social, and corporate governance aspects while paving the way for ESG sustainable business practices in Taiwan's industrial development.

With over 60 years of experience, Prosprise International Corp is a seasoned explorer in Taiwan's heavy machinery sector, specializing in evaluating and representing high-quality European, American, and Japanese products. The CEO of Prosprise International Corp highlighted their dedication to responding to the government's energy conservation and carbon reduction efforts, leading the way by importing a variety of energy-efficient, carbon-reducing, and environmentally suitable equipment from advanced nations like Europe, the United States, and Japan. This offers customers in Taiwan more environmentally friendly, higher quality, and cost-effective choices.

The CEO of Prosprise International Corp noted that while outsiders may be impressed by the sheer size and sophistication of heavy machinery, this industry is relatively niche compared to consumer vehicles like cars and trucks. Prosprise International Corp represents a diverse range of heavy machinery, including transportation tools, construction equipment, engineering machinery, firefighting and rescue equipment, demolition machinery, concrete pumps, and air compressors, among others. Their presence is felt across various sectors.

Delving into heavy machinery requires considerable effort, as it involves selecting the right models for the Taiwanese market and establishing a robust logistical support team to ensure convenient equipment maintenance. With over 60 years of experience, Prosprise International Corp possesses extensive maintenance and repair expertise, acting as both a seasoned scout and a formidable guardian. Their comprehensive and ongoing service ensures the most professional care for equipment while simultaneously reducing maintenance costs.

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