In response to customer and engineering needs, Antung launched construction machinery rental program. The rental program is diversified and flexible. Unlike the traditional equipment sales model, our program provides long-term and short-term rental services, reducing the cost of fixed assets for customers, and increasing the fund flexibility for business.

Rental service

  • Rental service
    We provide rental service for below machines
    1. Loader
    2. Excavator
    3. Spraying machine
    4. Pump truck

Comparison between rental and buyout

Rent a machine Buy a machine
Equipment cost Relatively low High
Amortized depreciation None Evaluation required
Used price None Evaluation required
Service cost None Material and Labor
Maintenance cost None Material and Labor
Accessories Leasing Purchasing
Machine failure Exchange a machine waiting for repair
Usage Frequency High Limited
Machine condition Fully functional Less functional due to cost
Equipment model select desired model for specific case limited case ability due to limited model