The importance of environmental resource conservation and industrial development is getting more and more important. Except Antung's core business, we expand other business such as the inspection and regeneration of power transformer insulation oil and the production, installation and sales of industrial air filters. Antung Group also established Ampletech Technology and Angel Filtration Products to make effort in environmental protection.

Air filter

  • Air filter products
    Antung provides professional services for clean room air filtration.
    Main products are fan filter units (FFU) for clean rooms, MAU & AHU, ULPA, HEPA, chemical filters, activated carbon filters and primary/mid efficiency filter, various filter elements for printing machines & blowers, and anodes bags for electroplating, dust bags and various filter cloths. NIPPON MUKI (Japan) ultra-high temperature filters and sterilization filters, BANDO (Japan) & GATES (USA) industrial transmission belts and accessories, DWYER (USA) differential pressure gauge, DAYTON(USA) windmill, To meet the requirements of Class 1 clean room, our customers are covering the photoelectric industry, semiconductor industry, electronics industry, food industry, biotechnology industry, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories of colleges and academic institutions.
  • Professional installation and service
    With all kinds of sophisticated testing instruments and professional service team, we provide various services for vertical integration from top to bottom market.
    Antung is also the consultant for clean room filter wind speed test, leak test, PAO test, clean room & various filter installation for air conditioning box .

Insulating oil treatment

  • Insulating oil analysis
    We own the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) and ISO-9001 certified laboratory which let us provide analysis and diagnosis for customized oil-immersed transformers with insulating oil product characteristics, gas extraction, furfural in oil, corrosive sulfur in oil, etc. We are the first one to have online data knowledge in the industry, to let customers enable to access relevant maintenance information of their own transformers in time, to prevent from potential black out.
  • Insulating oil treatment
    Antung imports high-tech transformer insulating oil non-stop regenerating facility into Taiwan and establishes a professional team to provide oil regeneration, oil filtration, oil change, and dehumidifing insulating paper treatment for customers. The service range has covered all major industries in Taiwan, including: TSMC, CSC, Formosa Plastics Group, CNPC, Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taipei MRT, Kaohsiung MRT, major industrial areas, etc., serving more than 1,000 customers. This is also in line with the green goal - ECO energy conservation and environmental protection.
  • Online detection equipment sales
    Antung is the agent of well-known foreign major manufacturers such as Weidmann, Remex, SDymers, etc., which are related to gas online detectors, partial discharge detectors, SF6 gas analyzers and intelligent maintenance systems. We also provide the monitoring and diagnosis data of operating power transformers.