According to customer needs, Antung agents the world-famous construction machinery and agricultural machinery; provide professional, durable, high-efficiency and high-quality equipment and complete solutions, including all domestic basic projects such as construction, agricultural farming, landscape engineering, golf courses care with all kinds of machinery to make great progress of projects; participate in major national constructions such as "highway, Suao Port, Xueshan Tunnel, Wuyang Viaduct, high-speed railway, Suhuagai Tunnel Project, MRT Engineering ... etc. "

Construction machinery

  • CASE - Construction machinery
    Is a well-known American construction machinery brand, a century-old construction machinery manufacturer, and the world's largest manufacturer of shovel loaders. The main products are loaders, excavators, dual-use shovel digger, bulldozer, road roller, grader...etc, a full range of engineering and construction machinery. It has been sold in Taiwan for over 30 years, and the customers are researchers of all major companies and industries in Taiwan.
  • Putzmeister - Shotcrete spraying (grouting) machinery
    Is a well-known and the world's largest German brand of concrete pump manufacturer. Its main products are concrete pump trucks, tunnel shotcrete machines, mortar machines, concrete premixing equipment, and concrete premixing trucks, etc., which are provided for different customers and engineering needs. Putzmeister offers a comprehensive solution to become the best partner of the concrete pressure delivery and spraying industry.
  • LIEBHERR Construction machinery
    Is a Germany technology, century-old construction machinery brand with excellent performance in safety, stability, high quality and ultimate performance, which could be found at all the world's major mineral field, wharves for loading/unloading, high-floor construction, etc., LIEBHERR is the first choice for large-scale excavators, materials Grippers, tower cranes, mobile cranes in the global market.
  • LaBounty - Shear and demolition tools
    Established in 1978, LaBountythe is the world's first professional manufacturer of demolition shear with and the highest market share in the world. LaBounty has been devoted to the design and research of structure, material, and blade for 40 years. The excavator contains the power required by the load and hydraulic pressure to equip the metal processing and engineering demolition excavator with the best choice.

Agricultural machinery

  • NEW HOLLAND Agricultural machinery
    Is a world-famed brand of construction machinery, which under the Italian FIAT Group. It entered the Taiwan market in 1980 and focuses on the design and production of small loaders. The high-stability long-wheelbase design and vertical lifting design allow customers to operate easily in any environment. It is the most widely used model in Taiwan and has won the trust by customers for more than 30 years.
  • TORO turf maintenance equipment
    From the United States, Toro is the first professional golf turf and lawn maintenance equipment provider in the world. With more than 100 years of history and the 1st place in global market, TORO devotes to high quality turf and landscape maintenance. Every product is reliable, stable, durable and safe. Besides, it is convenient for operation and maintenance also, shortening time and reducing cost.