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Since 2002 the government joined the WTO, it re-opened the import of heavy motorcycles.
Since then, Antung got the dealership for British brand Triumph motorcycles. Later more brands to joint as one strong force, KTM, Husqvarna brands, stepping up into accessories import. With the complete product chain and professionally trained technicians, Antung can provide customers the most comprehensive and qualified service.


    TRIUMPH: Triumph is a British centenary motorcycle manufacturer. Since its establishment in 1902, it has continuously set up lots of historical records. In addition to having many classic models, Triumph owns a successful and everlasting position in the retro territory.
    With technology continues to advance, Triumph maintains an amazing balance between classic and modern fields.
    In addition to having the Rocket III which has largest displacement on the market, it has officially become the Moto2 engine supplier of the MotoGP World Championship since 2019. Definitely the world-known recognition for Triumph's manufacturing skills and engineering technology.
  • KTM
    KTM who is the regular winning team in the off-road competition from Austria.
    Since KTM participated in the world-famous Dakar Rally in 2001, KTM has won championship for contunious 18 years, which shows KTM motorcycles' amazing performance in tough environments.
    In the recent years, KTM's focus has shifted to the commercially models developing and sales, and attracted much more attentions by progressive technology and design.
    Since 2017, KTM has begun working with Red Bull for the MotoGP events by implementing the cutting-edge technology to creates many models with excellent performance and excellent maneuverability.
  • Husqvarna
    Husqvarna, originally a metal-working company, was founded in 1689 in the southern Swedish town of “Huskvarna”, to produce muskets for the Swedish Army. Motorcycle production began in 1903, making Husqvarna Motorcycles one of the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturers with uninterrupted production.
    As early as the 1920s and ‘30s, Husqvarna Motorcycles built street motorcycles, and entered prestigious road race events such as the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, where a commitment to international competition made Husqvarna famous throughout Europe.
    The post-World War II Husqvarna Motorcycles range was limited to lightweight 2-stroke models which, in modified form, were also used in the fledgling offroad sports that became popular in the mid-1950s.
    1960 and ‘63, the first five FIM World Championship titles were won in the 250 cc and 500 cc classes. Not only did Husqvarna pioneer the sport of motocross, but also led the way in taking the sport to the USA. Among the high-profile Husqvarna Motorcycles riders in the successful era of the 1960s and ‘70s were Torsten Hallman, Malcolm Smith and Hollywood film actor Steve McQueen.
    Husqvarna’s 1983 500 4-stroke model marked yet another milestone. The exceptionally light and easy-handling off-roader had revolutionary features for the time and was the forerunner for a new generation of competition offroad 4-stroke motorcycles. By 1977 the entire Husqvarna business joined Sweden’s Electrolux Group. In 1987.
    Husqvarna Motorcycles continues this trajectory with an impressive range of models and technical leadership. Over a dozen high-tech, class-leading motorcycles are not only tackling the enduro, motocross, supermoto and dual-sport production segments head-on, but also re-imagining the street and travel segments. The growing production offering is supported by top-level competition in the major global motocross, supercross, enduro, supermoto and rally series.

Automobile and motorcycle oils

    Motorex is very highgest-quality original bottled oil imported from Switzerland, which is Australia KTM motorcycle designated oil.
    It has the characteristics of advanced durability and anti-wear. It develops and provides the most suitable motor oils for various automobile and motorcycle brands. More than motor oils, it also provides various additives and chemical supplies which are currently designated use by many luxury automobile maintenance factories.
    Not just performance of the oil is highlighted, but also harmless formulation to care our environment and all people.