Year Milestone
  • IVECO S-WAY New Car Launch Event
  • Antung 60th Anniversary Thanksgiving Concert
  • The first fully electric Liebherr steel grabber delivered in Taiwan.
  • Establishment of Antung Co., Ltd. in Vietnam
  • Grand Opening of IVECO Commercial Vehicle's Service and Display Center in Xin Ying, Southern District
  • Grand Opening of IVECO Commercial Vehicle's Service and Display Center in Dayuan, Northern District
  • Mr. Abaw Juan, the Chief Operating Officer, has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer.
  • IVECO Eurocargo The chassis of the N3 model medium-duty commercial truck has passed extensive certification
  • The vehicle body manufacturing business is officially operational, with the first Seagull-wing car passing certification
  • Won the bid for one plot of land in the Ma Chou Hou Industrial Park, Chiayi County Government
  • Hsin Cheng Engineering concluded
  • Acquisition of new factory site in Xin Ying Jiafang section
  • Husqvarna Heavy Motorcycle Sales Begin
  • PROSPRISE Passes Car Body Factory Certification
  • Mayor Mr. Zheng and team honorably visited company to exchange business experience and sign off MOU.
  • President of Acer group Mr. Cheng honorably visited company to exchange business experience
  • Awarded top 2000 in service industry and top 200 in profit ranking of CommonWealth Magazine.
  • Establish Vietnam office
  • In the years 2012 to 2019, 24-hours maintenance for concrete spraying machine and excavators for Suhua Highway Improvement Project is completed successfully.
  • Established England Triumph directly-managed stores.
  • Electricity regeneration from insulating oil of heavy-duty electrical transformer for China Petroleum Corporation, Taiwan (Talin Refinery, CPC) and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (Southern Taiwan Science Park, TSMC) is completed, as our efforts to protect Taiwan's environment.
  • Receipt of certificate from US Patriot system maintenance and repair. Contracted with National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) for maintenance project of Special Purpose Vehicle and Trailer
  • Triumph Motorcyclces Flagship stores opened in Taiwan.
  • OEM division is certified to ISO 9001:2015.
  • Commercial vehicles division is established.
  • Antung is granted for distribution right for IVECO's commercial vehicle.
  • 1000-ton steel structured roof of 4 coal bunkers were elevated to 65 meters high and veered successfully. Dalin Power Plant (Taiwan Power Company)
  • Dealership of TORO's golf turf and lawn maintenance machinery is acquired.
  • Implementing SAP ERP, to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Antung acquired the dealership for MAGIRUS' fire engine.
  • 4 National invention patents on fluid damper for constructional seismic resistance are awarded.
  • Hydraulic pump and cylinders are CE certified.
  • Gain dealership of vibration isolation and reduction products from Italy FIP, who manufactured hydraulic damper of vibration damper Taipei 101 building.
  • OEM is certified to TS 16949.
  • General Administrative Division was set up. (Information Technology department was established to implement sound information system and data security protection)
  • ARC United Engineering, located at Los Angeles, was inaugurated.
  • Product Development Division was set up, responsible for executing key government projects.
  • Antung acquired the dealiership for IVECO's DEFENCE VEHICLES.
  • 147 special purpose vehicles were assembled and delivered to Chemical Corps Division and Engineer Corps Division of Army, National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST), and Taipei City Fire Department.
  • Industrial Machinery Division is certified to ISO 9001.
  • Antung obtained license of Grast from Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd., SRI
  • Eco-Products Division is certified to ISO 9001.
  • Antung Corporation new building in Dinghu and new plant in Ningbo, China were inaugurated.
  • Antung participated in national significant construction, Suhua Highway Improvement Project, sold concrete spraying machine for tunnel excavation and excavators, and was contracted for following maintenance project.
  • Antung is granted the distribution right for Germany's Putzmeister pump truck.
  • Chairman Chou Yi-Shou retired, handing over the company to a new management team to carry out Antung Corporation 's succession plan.
  • Eco Products Division's Laboratory for insulating oil of electrical transformer is certified by TAF.
  • Antung recevied the distribution rights for Australia's KTM motorcycles.
  • Antung is awarded the distribution rights for Canada-based BRP's SEA-DOO bike and CAN-AM 3-wheel motorcycles.
  • Antung acquired the general distributionship for UK Triumph Motorcycles. For marketing motorcycles and maintenance, Antung established Triumph Taiwan Motorcycles Limited, which was later merged into Antung Corporation in 2011.
  • To engage in environmental production industry, Eco-Products Division is established and operating as Ampletec Technology Corporation, in charge of heavy electric transformers insulating oil regeneration and business of related mechanical and electrical products.
  • Representative offices in Shanghai and Dongguan, China were set up. In 2010 it was one Everlasting Enterprise Ltd.
  • Headquarters is relocated to the newly completed office building in New Taipei Industrial Park.
  • Agricultural Machinery Division is established for marketing and maintenance of agricultural equipment, and set up as Farmer Brothers Corporation in 1997.
  • Air Filtration Division was established in 2003 and reorganized as Angel Air Products Corp. in 2001.
  • ARC United Corporation was established in Los Angeles, to manage products imported from the United States.
  • Tools Division, Rubber Division, Machinery Division, Parts Division, and also Kaohsiung Branch Office are established
  • Import/distribution business is started, and later renamed as Antung Trading.
  • Chairman Chou Yi-Shou established Fu Te Auto Parts Store.