China Credit Information Service's 2022 Ranking Survey of Top 5000 Enterprises: Antung Trading Achieved 58th Place in the Import and Export Trade Category


In the latest China Credit Information Service's (CCIS) ranking survey of the top 5000 large-scale enterprises in 2022, Antung Trading secured the 58th place in the Import and Export Trade category and the 111th place in the Service Industry category. Furthermore, in the overall performance ranking without categorization, Antung Trading significantly advanced from 434th place to 269th place in the past three years. Additionally, Antung Trading's subsidiary, PROSPRISE INTERNATIONAL made remarkable progress, ranking 166th in the Import and Export Trade category, 302nd in the Service Industry category, and 731st in the overall performance ranking.

With a global emphasis on sustainable procurement and continuous industry demand, Taiwanese enterprises are facing formidable challenges. Throughout its 60-year history, Antung Trading has dedicated itself to providing top-quality contract manufacturing services to global customers. Through a diversified product strategy and continuous innovation in after-sales services, Antung Trading remains committed to planning for sustainable development and creating an even more promising future.

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