The service category ranking of "World Magazine" 2000 Largest Enterprises in 2021


Today (5/18) released the latest ranking survey of the 2000 largest companies in Commonwealth Magazine.

Antung Trading ranked 67th in terms of operating income growth rate in the latest survey.

The industry-specific ranking (service industry) increased by 90 places to 425th; the industry-specific ranking increased by 10 places to 34th.

It has been 60 years since Antung Trading was founded in 1962. The impact of the new crown epidemic has had a great impact on the global supply chain and domestic sales industry. With the efforts of all management and more than 100 colleagues, it continues to maintain a positive attitude and consolidate various businesses. However, such an excellent transcript belongs to the glory of the entire team, and Antung Trading will continue to provide the most complete services to global customers and let the world see Taiwan.